October 17th
Avoiding these four common open enrollment-period mistakes could save you some serious money.
October 11th
Let’s take a look at the health insurance options for immigrants, and how they’ve changed – or haven’t changed – under the Affordable Care Act.
October 10th
Ever since 2012, millions of Americans have received rebates from their health insurers each fall, refunding portions of prior-year premiums that were essentially too high.
September 29th
Since 2014, all individual and small group health insurance (sold in and out of the ACA's exchanges) has had to cover a set of benefits that are considered essential services.
September 29th
The ACA's individual mandate penalty no longer applies in 2019 and future years. But several states are implementing their own individual mandates, with penalties mostly modeled on the penalty that applied at the federal level in 2018.
September 23rd
The ACA's premium subsidies are still available, and are much larger than they were in the first few years of ACA implementation. But many Americans may still be wondering, "Am I eligible to receive a premium subsidy – and if so, what should I expec…
September 23rd
While the Affordable Care Act's premium subsidies help pay the cost of the health insurance itself, cost-sharing subsidies help to reduce out-of-pocket spending for eligible enrollees when they select Silver plans. The Trump administration eliminated fede…
September 2nd
Although there's no longer a federal penalty for being uninsured, some states now have their own individual mandates – and exemptions.
August 26th
Before you start seeking health insurance quotes, it's prudent to take a look at the health insurance companies and their potential service to you as a consumer.
July 14th
College students have more coverage options as a result of the ACA. But how do you decide which option is best?
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