About Cook & Associates

Established in 1977, Cook & Associates is a firm of experienced brokers and consultants specializing in fully insured and self-funded employee benefit plans. Over the years, Cook & Associates has been involved with hundreds of clients, helping them design and implement their diverse employee benefit programs. Because we do not represent any single insurance company, we are better able to provide professional and unbiased client consultation.

Our Philosophy

Cook & Associates has a philosophy that speaks first to you and your needs. Our commitment is to grow, learn and develop in ways that will help us better serve you-the basis for our existence. Every client, large or small, receives the same high level of uncompromising service. Our staff expertise and experience enables us to provide you insight into the subtleties of group insurance. We are cognizant of insurance trends and advise our clients in the critical, early stages- all for their betterment.

Cook & Associates Service

Well Planned Benefit programs are crucial to attracting and retaining good employees, especially when employers expend 34% of their payroll or more toward employee benefits. Cook & Associates can help maximize and improve the effectiveness of your existing programs in the most cost efficient manner by designing and recommending fully insured or self-funded services.

You might wonder about the advantages of Cook & Associates as your broker/consultant when you could deal directly with an insurance carrier. The answer comes down to one word, SERVICE.

As a result Cook & Associates views each client as unique. Only a custom designed employee benefits program will fully meet your needs. That’s why to our clients we have come to be regarded in the same critically important light as the banking, accounting and legal functions of business. In the highly competitive insurance brokerage and consulting field, Cook & Associates has set the standard for service. It is our hallmark, and we offer you this high quality service.

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