Cook & Associates offers a wide range of Individual Benefits that include the following:

 The 2017 open enrollment for Individual Health Insurance is over.  If you experience a qualifying event outside open enrollment, call a broker immediately at Cook and Associates to go over your options. 

Starting January 1, 2014 individuals are required to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty.  There will be two ways to purchase health insurance in Colorado; through the Colorado Health Exchange called Connect for Health Colorado, or outside the exchange.  Either way you choose to purchase, a Broker at Cook & Associates can advise you through the entire process.  There is federal financial assistance if you qualify for a tax credit to lower the cost of your premium and reduce co-pays and deductibles. This new tax credit will generally be available to individuals earning between about $15,000 and $46,000 a year, couples earning between about $20,000 and $62,000 a year, and families of four earning between about $31,000 and $94,000 a year.  This cost-saving program is for individuals, couples and families who need health insurance, are not eligible for public health coverage such as Medicare and Medicaid, and do not have access to affordable coverage through a large employer.

One of the biggest changes to individual policies purchased after January 1, 2014 will be that they are guarantee issue, meaning you no longer can be turned down for coverage because of a pre-existing condition. You will no longer be asked to provide your health history, other than whether you use tobacco or if you are pregnant.

Whether you qualify for a subsidy and purchase a health plan in the exchange or if you do not qualify for the subsidy and would like to purchase a health plan outside of the exchange, rely on the experience from a Broker at Cook & Associates to help you navigate through the process.

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